Touring For a Cure...Stillwater, MN to Naples, FLA.

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

5 guys - 3 bikes - 1 SUV - 1 Trailer, are touring for a cure for cancer...and oh by the way... they just graduated from college and chose a superbly spectacular way to give back this summer. 

In there own words - "We are cycling 3,380 miles in 36 days to raise money & awareness for Cancer Research. Beginning in MN and ending in FLA. We hope you will support our effort by making a donation to support the American Cancer Society!"

Now that's a Spirited expression of gratitude!

The Spirited Table just discovered this amazing journey, so they have a 20 day head start on are a few highlights so far.

Day 3 post reads -The 70 mile day went very smooth! Lunch in the park and continuing to reorganize the trailer for maximum efficiency took up our afternoon.  The best part of the day was no doubt going to the Field of Dreams!!!  Pretending to be Kevin Costner, playing catch in the field and running into the corn fields was definitely a favorite.  We had the entire field to ourselves which made it even better.  We ended the night grilling a great dinner in the parking lot of our hotel and are starting to prepare for another big day tomorrow.
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Day 5 post reads - The day started off so promising and took a downward turn. Our early takeoff was halted by having to take our man David to the ER for severe leg pain. He's toughing it out and staying along for the journey and we're hoping for a fast recovery. We finally got riding at noon and were still able to do 92 strong miles. It was quite hot, there was a lot of closed roads because of flooding (even met a few people who had to paddle out to their house). Aaron also ended up with 3 flats and a very nice sunburn. After finally getting out of the hospital at 6:30 Kevin & David met up with Aaron, Nate & Zach to make it to Quincy, Illinois by 10:45!
So here's to better days! We've made it past the 500 mile mark and and making our way through Illinois

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